Frequently Asked QuestionsAnswers to the questions that we're commonly asked

Whilst there are many “Domain Name FAQs” readily available, our Gherkin Domains FAQ covers your experience buying a domain name through us and the simple process from choosing your domain name to purchasing it through to transferring it ready to use.

We answer some of the common questions below and are happy to answer any other domain name related questions if you contact us with your enquiry.

Do I need another domain name and why should I choose a generic one?

Having a secondary domain name alongside your main business domain name offers many opportunities to promote specific products, brands and ideas to your customers and to take advantage of the SEO benefit having an exact match domain name can bring. Having a family domain names such as offers the chance to bring people together with easy to remember e-mail addresses as well as a certain status and kudos above an acronym or hybrid domain name.

Who uses personal and generic domain names?

Generic domain names have been around for a long time however they are becoming more popular as businesses find new and innovative ways to promote products and services online. Consider the difference between DIY superstore B&Q choosing for their website and then offering online visitors the easy to remember to find them as well. Personal or vanity domain names are very much status symbols and you’ll find that first name/last name domain names are used not just by celebrities but your next door neighbour might own theirs too!

How many domain names do you have?

We currently have several hundred domain names available to purchase and add new domain names to our inventory every month. We are constantly registering domain names that have been previously registered by other individuals and companies and we also aquire domain names from a large number of other sellers.

How much does a domain name cost?

Costs vary considerably when buying a domain name, particularly if you are buying a domain name that has a high value or desirable qualities. You’ll find that domain names available through Gherkin Domains are priced competitively with no hidden costs.

Who owns a domain name?

UK domain names (those ending, and are managed by an organisation called Nominet. You’ll find that domain names listed at Gherkin Domains have been registered or acquired by Gherkin Domains Ltd. If you check the Nominet Whois details for a domain name listed on our website you’ll see our contact information as well as our Gherkin Nominet tag (GHERKIN). Once you have purchased a domain name through Gherkin Domains we help transfer the ownership to you or your business which then makes you the legal owner of the domain name.

How do I buy a domain name and have the ownership transferred?

Our buy domains page lists the simple four step process to enquire about a domain name, make a payment and follow the Nominet ownership change which completes the transfer of your domain name to yourself or your business.

What are the payment options?

Our domain names are available to buy only in UK Sterling (GBP). When purchasing domain names through Gherkin Domains we are able to accept payment via Cheque, BACS, or PayPal.

Are there any ongoing costs?

Once you have purchased your domain name and the Nominet ownership transfer has been completed there are no further costs from Gherkin Domains. However you may choose to set up web or e-mail services with the ISP of your choice and you will need to pay the Nominet registry fees at the renewal date. The fees are typically a few pounds per year.

Can I buy domain names in bulk?

If you have found a number of domain names you would like to purchase from us please contact us and we can send a price for buying multiple domain names in one transaction. Having multiple domain names can be a great asset to your brand and your company and we hope you find an excellent selection of domain names that you will wish to purchase.

Which domain names do you recommend?

Choosing great domain names takes a little time and we’re happy to help. Simply contact us with some ideas of the domain names you are looking for and/or the purpose for them and we will be happy to send some suggestions.

Don’t forget we offer free pre-sales advice, so if you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.